More of You Jesus


I’ve been searching all around

There’s nowhere I’m gonna find

For the one that looks like You

Or the heart I’m searching too.


You appeared one day to me

Wasn’t able still to see

You were more than just a man

But I couldn’t see it then.


There’s a time for everything,

Never know what life will bring

I was blessed when You had open

Up my heart and saw the heaven.


Jesus, You’re my only joy

With my heart I have to say

You have never let me go

You were near and now I know.


Your heart is a living water,

You are closer than a brother,

No one comes to God alone

Unless Jesus is taking them.


More of You Jesus in me

More of You I want to see

Holy Spirit fill my heart

A new life I want to start.



Scrisa de mine astazi 10/09/2013

Scrisa de mine astazi 10/09/2013
(written by me today 10/09/2013)