There is hope!

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Sunt multi cei care cad, cine ii va ridica? Sunt multi cei deznadajduiti, cine le va da speranta? Sunt multi cei care striga si plang, cine ii va mangaia? Speranta are doar o singura cale si aceea e ISUS.
Ridica-te de unde ai cazut! Refuza sa mai fi trist sau sa plangi! UNUL SINGUR a murit pe cruce, UNUL SINGUR a plans, a fost batjocorit si a purtat durerea noastra, a tuturor! ISUS este Acela. Ai fost chemat sa fii lumina, stralucesti! Nu-l lasa pe cel rau sa fure ce a pus Dumnezeu in tine! De ce sa te opresti acum, cand mai e speranta? Fa un pas catre Dumnezeu si El va face doi catre tine!
Am fost ca tine, am plans zi si noapte, am strigat in durerea mea si n-a fost nimeni si nimanui caruia sa-i pese sau sa vada durerea mea, dar strigatul meu a fost auzit de sus din ceruri, de Dumnezeu, care in momentul in care m-a auzit, a lasat tot si a alergat in ajutorul meu, in cautarea mea.. si lacrimile mi-au secat! In locul lor a pus bucurie, pace, dragoste si vindecare si azi, pot sa zambesc si sa experimentez binecuvantarile Lui. Azi sunt eu cea care il cauta zi de zi, ptr ca nu e zi in care sa-I multumesc indeajuns ca m-a salvat, m-a ridicat din prapastia in care m-a gasit din pricina pacatelor mele, ca m-a iertat, mi-a sters lacrimile si acum sunt plina de bucurie, pace si speranta!
Acum sunt eu cea care iti intinde o mana tie, cea care vrea sa iti asculte durerea inimii tale si care vrea sa iti redea speranta si bucuria care vin doar de la Dumnezeu. De ce? Pentru ca de fiecare data cand cineva se intoarce la Dumnezeu, e sarbatoare in cer si astfel pot sa aduc un zambet si eu Celui ce m-a mantuit si m-a salvat. Bucura-Te Doamne, toata viata Te voi lauda, toata viata iti voi sluji pentru ca nimeni nu este ca Tine! Nimeni nu da daruri atat de minunate ca Tine si Tu nu le iei inapoi, Tu stii sa ierti, sa Te porti cu blandete si ai rabdare sa astepti pe fiecare din copiii Tai.

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More of You Jesus


I’ve been searching all around

There’s nowhere I’m gonna find

For the one that looks like You

Or the heart I’m searching too.


You appeared one day to me

Wasn’t able still to see

You were more than just a man

But I couldn’t see it then.


There’s a time for everything,

Never know what life will bring

I was blessed when You had open

Up my heart and saw the heaven.


Jesus, You’re my only joy

With my heart I have to say

You have never let me go

You were near and now I know.


Your heart is a living water,

You are closer than a brother,

No one comes to God alone

Unless Jesus is taking them.


More of You Jesus in me

More of You I want to see

Holy Spirit fill my heart

A new life I want to start.



Scrisa de mine astazi 10/09/2013

Scrisa de mine astazi 10/09/2013
(written by me today 10/09/2013)

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A message from last Saturday at the OverComersChurchRomania church.. Check it out.. great message!

Don’t lose your blessings!

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Check this out!

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         Hello my dear friends,

     How are you today? I never had the occasion to thank you all for reading what I am writing in here and for subscribing to my thank you. I love you all with the love that God has shown me through His Son Jesus .. I know I am not writing every day… or maybe you would like to find another information on my blog and I am not giving you that.. so let’s talk about that.. write me down the things you would like for me to write about and if I can I will gladly write about it. 🙂 Today I wanna share with you some information about the church I am in right now.. Her name is OverComersChurch Romania or in romanian “Biruinta”. I feel so blessed in this church, because here I find all the answers to my daily questions and all the teaching I need to know about God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit. God has spoken me more than one time in this church, He is a God that listens to our prayers.. We have a website and you can find us there all the time..also you can find information about the church or leaders, songs that we sing or videos that we are recording every Sunday. If you come to Romania, in Oradea, which is home city 🙂 you can join us whenever you want. I know that God has blessed me when He send me here because not only that I can grow spiritual, but I have found also a lot of friends 🙂 Yes, it might sound strange..but I never had friends, because people in general disappoint us, but God doesn’t! 🙂 Psalm 25:3 No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame, but they will be put to shame who are treacherous without excuse. So if you wanna join us in our church to receive the correct teaching according to God’s Word and that is revealed by the Holy Spirit, you are always welcome and you will also find friends and love that comes from God, because GOD IS LOVE. I will give you the link to our website, check it out and let me know if you are having any questions.

   Here is the link to our website:

   I encourge you today to make a difference in the world, because we are all unique and God has put in us gifts not to use them for ourselves but to help the others. Be a light to those around you, give a hand to the one in need, a smile to the one who has tears in his/her eyes and love one another with the love that God has shown us through His Son Jesus Christ. John13:34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

See you soon 🙂 don’t forget to smile! 🙂

Te am pe Tine..

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Azi va scriu o poezie creata de mine in 12.04.2005, sper sa va placa 🙂 astept parerile voastre. 🙂 Fiti binecuvantati!

Te am pe tine

Atunci cand toti din jurul meu ma judeca,

De sus rasare mana Ta, ma vindeca

Iar de vor vrea deoparte sa ma dea

La bratul Tau, gasi-voi linistea.


Cand toti incet se vor indeparta

Stiu Doamne, eu pe Tin’ te voi avea,

Caci mai presus de toate Tu vezi inima,

Si ma cunosti mai bine decat nimenea.


Tot raul Doamne vreau sa mi-l indepartezi,

Si ce-i mai bun si mai frumos Tu sa pastrezi

Tot in dreptatea Ta, te rog eu ptr ei

Sa-i ierti,sa-i modelezi caci ei sunt fratii mei.


Oh, Doamne cand te am pe tine

Am tot ce imi doresc , esti mereu langa mine

Dai pace si odihna sufletului meu

Esti tot ce vreau , esti Dumnezeul meu!



Treasure life..

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          Why am I writing so soon again? Today I got a news that made me stop for minute and analyze my life…  an ex-collegue of my ex-workplace died at 25 years old 😦 in a car accident. What is life? How much do you care about your life or the way you are living it? I always knew that life is short..but for others looks like it shorter.. If you die tomorrow, are you proud of the way you live it? Did you did enough? Is peace in your soul? Have you said “I’m sorry” to the one you hurt yesterday? Have you told “I love you” to the one you really love? What about your parents…did you talked to them today? But the most important thing that we forget all the time.. HAVE YOU TALKED TO GOD? Did you stopped for a second and turned to HIM to apologize for all the mistakes you have done in this life until now? I guess not..and if you did it, then you have peace in your soul for sure. I encourage you today to cherish the life you have, you need to change the shift pattern in it, to thank God for every single day that you live and breathe… You still have time to change something, to become a better person, to do something good with your life and change the lives around you. There are many who expect a helping hand … or a good word from you. God knows the exact days of your life, they are in His hands..make sure that when they are over you completed His Plan for your life..because be sure He has a wonderful plan for your life. Remember you are very precious in God’s eye. He loves you a lot and His love has no limites. I am waiting for you opinions..  Psalm 89:47 says : Remember how short my life is, how empty and futile this human existence! But look what God is telling us: Proverbs 3:1-2 My son, don’t forget my teaching,but let your heart keep my commands;for they will bring you many days, a full life, and well-being.

          I love this Bible verse :

Isaiah 43:3 Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give people in exchange for you, nations in exchange for your life.


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